Sunday, June 21, 2009


Self-inflicted wounds pictures a deprived life
once held in the dungeon of darkness, decaying
bleeding, rotting, screaming inside
in brutal agony, melted bones and suffering

captivated mind through the sickness of rage
constantly persists to refuse the glimpse
of every dying dream and an illusive faith
horrifying reality awakens crushing the limbs

nailing the pins precisely, steadily increasing the pain
erasing all the feelings chopping the leftover
emotions with a deep incision, pouring cyanide in vein
burning internally, eternal torture comes over and over

dissecting the lungs hollowing out the smoke
paying close attention to keep this body alive
implanting more venom cutting the choked throat
replacing each organs by this artificial hate device

tranquilized misery proves his stinking flesh
watching science fail as this machine is carved out
from the body of this child so pathetic, so fresh
new born warhead, ready to kill in one shout

emptied streets and traumatized eyes
time for mass scale evacuation
but no where to hide this galactic demise
new countdown to extinction

a shower of bullets uprooting the bones
blood bath everywhere, chaos unleashed
he eats the bodies trapped inside the stones
and cleaning the blood stained surface till its polished

he is released to eliminate everything that exists
watching science fail as this machine is exhaled out
no more experiments, labs or scientists
simply the face of death all through out

This is one of my old poems inspired by the Nemesis Project of the Resident Evil movie from my poemhunter account. I felt like sharing it over here. Thanks everyone !


  1. This is... MINDBLOWING!

    Death explained the best!

  2. Thanks ash !!! Yaar its quite an old one from my earlier stuff I had on my hard drive :P ...

  3. "watching science fail as this machine is carved out
    from the body of this child so pathetic, so fresh
    new born warhead, ready to kill in one shout"

    the axis of the whole poem.

  4. damn! I love macabre! :D
    that was good, really good


  5. @zed : Spot on ! welcome to the slaughter house

    @impressionist: Thanks for your feedback ! Even I love macabre. welcome to the slaughter house

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  7. yo ragz, please share the info behind your avatar. do you have a larger version?

  8. ah, nevermind. found ya source!

    check it

    still interested in the story tho!

  9. Yah , google search is always the first choice :) rest is about how much you can play with photoshop