Friday, July 31, 2009

Autopsy of Civilization

Merciless invasion deep into the crust
Bones twisted beyond imagination,
Burned bodies lying upside down
Skull deformation, this nameless extinction
Shackles of blood rusted barbwire
Tormented visions of the past echoes
A civilization burned by its own fire
Child turned slaves, mother turned whores

Defiant creature in its own miserable curse
Deriving pleasure from an undeniable apathy
Where xenophobia becomes the truest friend
Where pain speaks through a miserable telepathy
Collapse of every ideologies like grains of sand
A disgusting mutant with basic survival instincts
Where poison quenches the extreme thirst
Where nothing ever makes it a place for reasoning

Horizons beyond the horizons awaits in black
A silent wrath with a chaos of perfect demarcation
By the evening they carry the dead in the sacks
By morning another countdown for a fresh annihilation
Hollowness based economy, Deception based capital
Unholy within every sections of the paralyzed mind
Remorselessness has made the sickness immortal
Portraits of mental holocaust , artist for the blind

Insanity corporation, wizards of biochemical hazards
Unclaimed new born , ripped from the skin and torn
Into the windshield of slaughtered humanity
Picture this process for thousands years long
Without a name and face , it grows abnormally
Unaware of its origin, unaware of its quantum reality
Just a purpose of living without a purpose
Its only music is the sound of inevitability

No reason needed anymore
Severely tortured death becomes the order of the day
No conscience needed anymore
Shadows of the blanked past has painted the smiles away

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dwell in Hell

No secrets buried here
They all seek the final count
Behind the horizon lurks
A territory of death paramount
Domination refuted by domination
Acceptable standards for war
Peace is a mere imagination
Cataclysmic clue from the stars
Blasphemy of the bones
The casket man smiles from the corner
Insanity injected clones
Indoctrinated zombies, blood thirsty farmer

Screams of violently raped women
Pus of the molested child
In the name of counter terrorism they came
And eroded a putrid terror on the wild
Beheading of the infidel
Autopsy of the pedophiles
Torture in the prison cell
The casket man smiles all the while
Ripping the skin apart
Reducing the time of pain
Slicing the head into pieces
Tasting the flesh of the brain

The stench of the wrath
is little too strong
What a sinister pleasure derived
From cutting the vagina with a knife so long
Howling with a horrifying torment
Tears mix with the blood on the bed sheet
The prisoner women cant resist their power
They did it slowly and in turn by the whole fleet
Placing burning cigars on her nipples
Piercing her ears with septic pins
Her every orifice over crowded by that tool
An unstoppable mixture of pain and pleasure within

Eaten alive by the warhead
No divine power is here to help
They marched right into your bed
Defeat was inevitable as they said
Beaten alive by the warhead
No natural miracle awaits here
The casket man carries the dead
With no remorse and no fear

Monday, July 13, 2009


That day , this mind never returned home
its world upside down, a pile of deterioration
excavated from the heart, a dilapidated throne

That impulsive rush, while falling in love
That smile was an orifice to extreme penance
absolute ruin casted into every decaying bone

A promise of the face , gentle touch of her hand
Burning my arteries of sensation, unseen molestation
lust in the eyes, deformation of tempting flesh

Taking for granted, this time rushed away
Blindfolding her thought mutilation
An emasculation of every inch of self-respect

She held my heart , welded it with a stinking atrohpy
A trained assassin to the peace of mind
and smiled her way, that pure debauchery

The soul ripped apart, desires disintegrated
Screams of unheard pain, skull punctured
this axe of love, my coffin of hatred

Her memories are like voluntary self-punishment
Dark nails of faith hammered inside the chest
And keep bleeding till the body reaches the interment

What a disgusting dependency, what a hapless torment
That voice is like a needle piercing my ear drums
Deafening silence , her silence is the final ferment

That extreme pleasure she derived out of her squalid fallacy
Carcass of my devoured emotions, her deep ecstasy
What a dislocated wrath , what a beautiful savagery

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


It bleeds from the rain
All these dripping saliva,yellow terrain
On a forbidden location
Perpetual suffocation

A mouth full of disease
burning with smelling lips,always trying to please
This bitter pill notion'
Constantly eats emotion

It speaks from the drain
All these gutter words coming from a lifeless resonance
Hits upon denomination
Black mental amputation

A throat full of confession
With no one to hear, a putrid suppression
Engulfing in hibernation
Unforeseen situation

Thoughts etching within
What an annihilation of the body, this melting of the skin
Falls upon a red abolition
A justifiable collision

This vomit full of pain
All these dripping saliva, asking again and again
Will it ever end
As death rapidly descends

Just kill what you want, take what you need
I cant bare a moment of this any longer
With my body , this bleeding me

Just tear what you want, rip that you please
I cant bare a moment of this any longer
With my body, this bleeding me

P.S : This poem is about suffering hopelessly from mouth cancer and repenting for the deeds of the past.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Pyrolyzed Wreck

When all paths to peace seems tormented
And a fire burns the irrelevance of my desires
From the pain, rises a verdict undoubted
Twisting control of self-belief even admires
This shameless craving for absolution
When all roads to salvation crafted with blocks
By a fence of undeniable imagination
That wonders in the delusional space of broken clocks

This fire burns inside , this inner holocaust
This fire burns my ashes , all my dying season
This fire has killed many of such thoughts
This fire burns and I live for no reason

Chasing a phantom of provoked miseries
I drill a hole deep within my numbed chest
and drench these subdued remains
On a vacuum of cataclysmic aspirations (that dies with the rest)
Such a crematory of indelible silence
Are my wounds of lifeless persuasions
Some appear blur from this burning lens
Some appear dying under moral fluctuations
But the incessant fear of life lingers
As the wild fire of purposelessness becomes pervasive
I wake up inside a grey wall with scratches from my fingers
This body dies, everytime my soul decides to live
My blood has frozen below the unjust flow
But my skin feels the burns outside
Inert replica of exact opposites below
An eternal battle for something that cannot hide

This fire burns inside, tearing everything apart
This fire burns outside,a blackened forlorn vision
This fire has killed many of such thoughts
This fire burns and I live for no reason

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Scarlett Letterman

There is this place, a virtual stigmata
Where my buried secrets are unleashed
Sparking a defiant hollowness within
Rusted corners of the mind having a feast
They all come to send clues , subliminal clues
To a world rendered so obdurate
A world that was once so clam and blue
There is this place, with the final message

Anthrax like prototype of hurricane faced emotions
Swallow this poison or crumble down to my inner demons
Like a wingless moth at the mercy of this wind
That blows against such futile redemption attempts within
On a fabric of timeless creation, this imaginary fence
The problem with fiction is - it always makes sense

There is this place, a stateless equilibrium
Oblivious to the most obvious ,logic has faded
The onset of this agonizing end
Rusted corners of the heart invaded
An eventual integration of every blazoned hints
Squandering the lifelong false entrenchments
This path of crafting new fingerprints
An unmatched pain is this counter-enlightenment

Cyanide like taste of my bloodstained emotions
This shower of poison killing the inner pretensions
Like a hairless ape , that seeks cover in this acidic rain
That falls on the skin of self-deceptions and fame
On a bridge of nameless between the past and present tense
The problem with fiction is - it always makes sense

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Self-inflicted wounds pictures a deprived life
once held in the dungeon of darkness, decaying
bleeding, rotting, screaming inside
in brutal agony, melted bones and suffering

captivated mind through the sickness of rage
constantly persists to refuse the glimpse
of every dying dream and an illusive faith
horrifying reality awakens crushing the limbs

nailing the pins precisely, steadily increasing the pain
erasing all the feelings chopping the leftover
emotions with a deep incision, pouring cyanide in vein
burning internally, eternal torture comes over and over

dissecting the lungs hollowing out the smoke
paying close attention to keep this body alive
implanting more venom cutting the choked throat
replacing each organs by this artificial hate device

tranquilized misery proves his stinking flesh
watching science fail as this machine is carved out
from the body of this child so pathetic, so fresh
new born warhead, ready to kill in one shout

emptied streets and traumatized eyes
time for mass scale evacuation
but no where to hide this galactic demise
new countdown to extinction

a shower of bullets uprooting the bones
blood bath everywhere, chaos unleashed
he eats the bodies trapped inside the stones
and cleaning the blood stained surface till its polished

he is released to eliminate everything that exists
watching science fail as this machine is exhaled out
no more experiments, labs or scientists
simply the face of death all through out

This is one of my old poems inspired by the Nemesis Project of the Resident Evil movie from my poemhunter account. I felt like sharing it over here. Thanks everyone !