Wednesday, July 8, 2009


It bleeds from the rain
All these dripping saliva,yellow terrain
On a forbidden location
Perpetual suffocation

A mouth full of disease
burning with smelling lips,always trying to please
This bitter pill notion'
Constantly eats emotion

It speaks from the drain
All these gutter words coming from a lifeless resonance
Hits upon denomination
Black mental amputation

A throat full of confession
With no one to hear, a putrid suppression
Engulfing in hibernation
Unforeseen situation

Thoughts etching within
What an annihilation of the body, this melting of the skin
Falls upon a red abolition
A justifiable collision

This vomit full of pain
All these dripping saliva, asking again and again
Will it ever end
As death rapidly descends

Just kill what you want, take what you need
I cant bare a moment of this any longer
With my body , this bleeding me

Just tear what you want, rip that you please
I cant bare a moment of this any longer
With my body, this bleeding me

P.S : This poem is about suffering hopelessly from mouth cancer and repenting for the deeds of the past.


  1. Wow... I love the flow of this one. You can feel the frustration instantly. Great work Rag!

  2. Thanks ash ! glad you are the only one reading the slaughter house these days :)