Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dwell in Hell

No secrets buried here
They all seek the final count
Behind the horizon lurks
A territory of death paramount
Domination refuted by domination
Acceptable standards for war
Peace is a mere imagination
Cataclysmic clue from the stars
Blasphemy of the bones
The casket man smiles from the corner
Insanity injected clones
Indoctrinated zombies, blood thirsty farmer

Screams of violently raped women
Pus of the molested child
In the name of counter terrorism they came
And eroded a putrid terror on the wild
Beheading of the infidel
Autopsy of the pedophiles
Torture in the prison cell
The casket man smiles all the while
Ripping the skin apart
Reducing the time of pain
Slicing the head into pieces
Tasting the flesh of the brain

The stench of the wrath
is little too strong
What a sinister pleasure derived
From cutting the vagina with a knife so long
Howling with a horrifying torment
Tears mix with the blood on the bed sheet
The prisoner women cant resist their power
They did it slowly and in turn by the whole fleet
Placing burning cigars on her nipples
Piercing her ears with septic pins
Her every orifice over crowded by that tool
An unstoppable mixture of pain and pleasure within

Eaten alive by the warhead
No divine power is here to help
They marched right into your bed
Defeat was inevitable as they said
Beaten alive by the warhead
No natural miracle awaits here
The casket man carries the dead
With no remorse and no fear

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