Monday, July 13, 2009


That day , this mind never returned home
its world upside down, a pile of deterioration
excavated from the heart, a dilapidated throne

That impulsive rush, while falling in love
That smile was an orifice to extreme penance
absolute ruin casted into every decaying bone

A promise of the face , gentle touch of her hand
Burning my arteries of sensation, unseen molestation
lust in the eyes, deformation of tempting flesh

Taking for granted, this time rushed away
Blindfolding her thought mutilation
An emasculation of every inch of self-respect

She held my heart , welded it with a stinking atrohpy
A trained assassin to the peace of mind
and smiled her way, that pure debauchery

The soul ripped apart, desires disintegrated
Screams of unheard pain, skull punctured
this axe of love, my coffin of hatred

Her memories are like voluntary self-punishment
Dark nails of faith hammered inside the chest
And keep bleeding till the body reaches the interment

What a disgusting dependency, what a hapless torment
That voice is like a needle piercing my ear drums
Deafening silence , her silence is the final ferment

That extreme pleasure she derived out of her squalid fallacy
Carcass of my devoured emotions, her deep ecstasy
What a dislocated wrath , what a beautiful savagery

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